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What is an Yoc platform?

Yoc is a fully decentralized platform. Its main function is an opportunity to create and place smart contracts and the decentralized applications on its basis.

It is difficult to overestimate the advantages of these applications since they minimize any risks connected with different types of activity.

The management of finance when the ICO is carried out, service insurance, trade, logistics, the creation of partner programs, the creation of new platforms for gamblings are the most popular spheres of use of these contracts and applications nowadays.

It is an incomplete list of potential opportunities of the blockchain technology use.

The Yoc platforms allow involving in a simple and convenient way to use the full resources of the most modern and advanced technologies existing nowadays.

We often come up against situations when sharing of the servers is complicated using in the decisions traditional solutions. It happens for a reason. It is established on their own servers and it is based on the personalized software. There is a probability that these servers could be a target for the third-party attacks and users can significantly suffer from this.

It is possible to exclude these shortcomings using a blockchain technology. This technology allows adjusting own knot which is capable to store information on a set of different computers with the other similar knots. At the same time, there is no discomfort in its usage. Attacks to such decentralized networks are very complicated. There is an enormous amount of the resources which has to be spent in order to complete it successfully, so it practically brings their probability to zero.

Cryptocurrency and wallet
The cryptocurrency is one of the components of the blockchain technology. The special wallet which allows storing safely the currency assets is developed for its use, and also it allows to keep and use the products developed with the help of smart contracts.


A modern language for creating the smart contracts and apps

You can design and issue your personal cryptocurrency
Solidity is a modern language which allows to create and use own digital tokens. Today there are many kinds of tokens, such as tokens certificates, tokens actions, credit tokens. The operability of these tokens is provided with our platform since they are created by means of the identical standard. They become automatically executed by any purse. The contract or the application uses the same standard.

During the creation of tokens, you can put any logic of their most efficient use. You can regulate the tokens issue making it fixed or changed by certain rules. You can give to tokens owners additional authority, for example, an opportunity to vote or act as the arbitrator whose opinion will be apprehended according to a share of his possession in a total of the released tokens. Anyway, the use of the present possibilities is limited only to the imagination of the creator of a digital asset.


A tradeable token with a fixed supply
A central bank that can issue money
A puzzle-based cryptocurrency

New opportunities for crowdfunding

The new platform provides an absolutely new approach to crowdfunding. By means of the YOC platform, you have an opportunity to exclude a trust component between you as a future supplier of goods or service and the investor, to which whether it is peculiar to doubt decision-making to invest own money in the realization of your idea.

You have an opportunity to create such conditions, having provided their smart with the contract which will allow storing money of the investor, the conditions stipulated in him won't be satisfied yet.

In case of your success money will surely pass to you, and in case of your failure they will return to the investor, at the same time terms of the contract won't be able to be changed after the start of the contract in any way. At the same time, you can avoid the need to have the centralized arbitrator, the center of exchange of information or any other tool which needs to trust. In the same way, you can control the distribution of remunerations to investors who have supported your project at his early stage, and now have to receive all that is due to them.

Create a democratic autonomous organization

You’ve developed your idea and secured funds. What’s the next step? You have to hire managers, to find a trustworthy CFO to manage the accounts, to run board meetings and do a bunch of paperwork.

You can simply leave this work to an Yocoin contract. It collects proposals from your backers and submit them through a completely transparent voting process.

One of the advantages having a robot running your organization is that it is immune to any outside influence. It’s guaranteed to execute only what it was programmed to. You'll be able to provide services with a 100% uptime guarantee, because the Yocoin network is decentralized.

A virtual organization where members vote for taking any decision
A transparent association based on shareholder voting
Your own country with an unchangeable constitution
A better delegative democracy

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